Pedini PDX Client Services

At Pedini PDX, we believe that our service package sets us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves on the level of care and detail that goes into each kitchen or space we design.


A Pedini designer will give you a personal tour of our showroom and the many Pedini product possibilities. The designer will assist you in finding the right kitchen system and finishes to suit your home as well as your personal aesthetic.


Once you are familiar with the Pedini kitchen styles and have an idea of what will work best for your project, your designer will work with you to create a personalized kitchen/bath environment that will reflect and compliment your design characteristics as well as your lifestyle needs. If you do not already have drawings of your space, we will provide a site visit to measure for our own drawings. You will be provided with views of a 3D model of your proposed kitchen/bath design.


In addition to the 3D drawings, your Pedini designer will provide you with a quote for your project. This quote will include pricing for cabinetry, counter tops, accessories, appliances, delivery and installation. Please note that any changes, additions, deletions or alterations may alter the preliminary estimate.

All services provided up to the presentation of your quote package are complimentary. Once you have reviewed the drawings and quote and you decide to move forward with Pedini PDX as your kitchen provider, we will then require a retainer that will be deducted from the final contract.


After your preliminary quote package is reviewed, your Pedini designer will work with you to finalize the design. This will include a site visit to verify key dimensions, assistance with appliance specification and recommendation of accessories based on how you work in your kitchen. Our staff at Pedini PDX is highly trained and has the experience and resources to help you make the right appliance and accessory selection.

Once the design is finalized and your order is placed with Italy, you will be provided with a Pedini Action Guide. In this Action Guide, you will find:

  • A “Contractor Set” of plans showing the location of cabinetry, appliances, outlets, accessories, and lighting. Also included in this set are details of how certain items will be installed on site. This set of drawings is meant to be a tool to guide the installer.

  • An Appliance List showing each appliance selected for your project and its specifications.

  • A Schedule showing when your order was placed with Italy and when you can expect it to arrive at your site.

  • A list of common questions and answers regarding the installation process.

  • All 3D views of your project.


We will remain at your full disposal for any questions you may come across while waiting for your kitchen or bath to arrive. We will inform you of any updates on delivery times and work with you and your designers to coordinate install. It is our goal to serve you the best experience in kitchen design from the first to final course.


The final and possibly the most important ingredient to a successful kitchen is the installation. Pedini PDX uses full-time installers with years of experience installing european cabinetry. This ensures your Pedini kitchen will be installed according to factory guidelines and tolerances. In addition, our installers are trained in installing most makes and models of appliances found in the US market when required.