Ingredients of a Kitchen by Pedini PDX

Pedini designers create custom kitchens that are unique to each individual client. High-end Italian kitchen design always considers aesthetics and functionality of equal importance and approaches both with the same level of innovation. As a result each Pedini kitchen is highly personalized with unique characteristics and embraces the humanist quality of European kitchen design:  living, eating, cooking, relaxing and entertaining.


Pedini’s guarantee of quality extends fully to the structural elements. Every detail—feet, hinges, doors, tops, internal accessories—are engineered with the latest technology and the cabinets that hold them are built to maintain form and structure. Fabricated from 100% recycled material with no detectable amounts of formaldehyde—the Pedini kitchen is also the safest choice for you and your family.



Pedini’s continuous research and feedback from previous clients ensures that Pedini’s products meet the demands of the modern kitchen. This can be seen in unique lighting solutions, sliding tables and doors, and host of other practical solutions. Each design by Pedini PDX caters to the specific needs of the client, giving them a distinct kitchen for their lifestyle.


We have many door options — finishes, color, function — all durable, flexible, and toxin-free.


All Pedini kitchens include your choice of several distinct handles. From surface mounted to handle-less, the handles are designed to meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of the homeowner.


Creating a highly functional kitchen requires choices according to the different requirements that derive from lifestyle, character and age. With an emphasis on functionality and ergonomics, Pedini offers a wide variety accessories to meet these needs. 


The kitchen worktop is of utmost importance when choosing a kitchen. They are susceptible to heat, humidity and staining. At Pedini PDX we offer a wide variety of materials to choose from as well as the knowledge to assist in choosing the right worktop for the intended use.


Subject to continuous use sinks are exposed to acids, oils and extreme temperature swings. For this reason sinks must be of excellent quality and be built with the latest technical advancements. Pedini PDX offers a wide variety of manufactures, materials and configurations to meet our clients’ design and functional requirements.


In addition to Pedini SPA offering its own line of beautiful and functional hoods and cook-tops, at Pedini PDX, we are up to date on all the latest appliance choices and innovations in the market place. Based on the cooking requirements of our clients, our design team can help you make an informed choice.